Winner at Gambling Federation Takes Home $80, 240

BELIZE, NOVEMBER 18th 2004 - Diane N. from Jacksonville, OR, won a total of $80,240 at a Gambling Federation Casino by playing a 20 line slot game called Big Top Bonanza, one of Gambling Federation’s newest slot games. Diane N. was a multiple winner, winning several large sums in a short amount of time. Her wins over a two day period where respectively: $49,900, $9,925, $9,960, $10,455 for the grand total of $80,240

“I have been playing at Video Poker Classic for several years now. I've looked at many other sites, but this one seems to be the most realistic and the one with the best graphics. I usually play Keno, but also do slots quite a bit. Recently, I had a very nice win playing the slot game Big Top Bonanza. It had just recently been added to the software along with a few other slot games. It was my favorite of the new games. Sometimes when I get on a roll it seems like I win a little something at almost everything I play, and this was one of those nights. I hit five clown shoes, which I believe is just about the best you can do. All in all, my winnings for that evening were exceeding $80,000. Everyone at the site was very helpful and there was no problem getting my money out. They were always there to help. Needless to say I recommend this site highly.” said the lucky winner Diane N. in her testimonial.

Diane N.’s payments where delivered to her NETeller account after providing the standard security documents.

“We are thrilled about this new wins, we definitely want to thank Diana N. for her loyalty and we wish that she enjoys spending the money as much as we enjoyed rewarding one of our more loyal players. We look forward to giving away our next big win” said Flaviano Fogli, CEO of Gambling Federation.

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