Gambling Federation Launches
New Soccer Themed Slots: Golden Gol

On Friday November 5th 2004, Gambling Federation’s Golden Goal a new soccer themed slot kicked off. Golden Goal is the first progressive slot featuring a 15 lines table in Gambling Federation software suite.

Golden Goal is the most complete and authentic soccer experience in slot form for true soccer fans. The overall theme is soccer and the icons European soccer teams. The game has a coin range from ¢1 to $1, with a 5 coins per line bet option for a maximum of 75 credits. If a $75 max bet is made and the player roll 5 jackpot images lined up (a player kicking a ball), he will be eligible to win the jackpot. Jackpot levels start at $50,000 and can reach amounts in excess of $150,000.

“An additional feature to Golden Goal is a special bonus icon called “Flying Ball”. Get the Flying Ball in one of the three bonus patterns and you can win up to a hundred times your bet.” said Flaviano Fogli, CEO of Gambling Federation.

If you win, please keep your shirt on!


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