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BELIZE , JANUARY 20 th 2005 – Since the second half of 2004, a true slot mania exploded at Gambling Federation. They managed to create 7 new themed slots, in less than 4 months, while completely redesigning their software. They aren’t planning to stop any time soon as many more trendy slots are planned for 2005.

All progressive Gambling Federation slots have 5 scatter symbols and players can get up to 5X the progressive jackpots on the max bet. Jackpot levels start at $25,000 and can reach amounts in excess of $150,000. Both progressive and traditional sots feature specials bonus symbols, if aligned in one of the 3 bonus patterns, players can win up to a 100X your bet.

Here is a review of which slots were launched:

Chicken Ranch is a traditional 15 lines table slot. It has a ranch them, meaning that all your favorite farm animals are there from the cutest chicks to a cooked turkey?! Big Top Bonanza is a traditional 20 lines table featuring a circus theme: elephants, acrobats and even cotton candy icons are there to make you remember your childhood days. Both slots feature a wild scatter symbol and award 10 000 coins of the played value if 5 of them are hit.

Lucky 888 and Mad Professor each feature 25 lines table unlike regular slots game. The odds at a 25 lines table are increased sixteen fold. Lucky 888 is a fully customized slot machine game that reflects a unique Asian theme. On the other hand, the Mad Professor slot is a bit more eccentric and features a crazy professor and his experimentations. They both also feature a wild icon awarding 10000 coins if they appear 5 times.

Golden Goal was the first progressive slot featuring a 15 line table in the Gambling Federation software suite. It was soon followed by the Jackpot Quarterback which featured a 20 line table. Both of these games are for soccer and football lovers. Golden Goal’s overall theme is soccer, and Jackpot Quarterback features a football theme. Gambling Federation developed its own Football and Soccer teams specifically for these games.

Atlantis is the newest baby of the Gambling Federation slots family. Atlantis has a fresh undersea theme featuring mermaids, under water animals and realistic aquatic sounds. The design is sure to pleasantly stun players.

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