Launch of G-FED2

(Feb. 2004) Gambling Federation is proud to announce the launch of G-FED2, our all-new casino software, and our revised Affiliate Program. The final G-FED2 launch date will be announced by the end of February, expected for mid-March. This is a major step for Gambling Federation and one that will improve your marketing ability and overall revenue performance!

  • G-FED2 - All-New Casino Software
  • Gambling Federation Affiliate Program Update
  • Player Promotional Campaign

G-FED2 - All-New Casino Software

The greatest event to happen since the launch of Gambling Federation itself, G-FED2 is our crowning achievement! Our new casino software will be the envy of the entire gaming industry - competitors watch out, G-FED2 is on the scene! The software features all new designs, fantastic new games, great sounds, easy-to-use interface, graphical cashier menus, increased game speeds and higher wager limits.

G-FED2 Games

Our entire selection of games has been meticulously re-programmed and re-designed - fresh, vibrant graphics, hot new sounds and improved game-play to increase conversions and excite players! We've also introduced new slot machines, new video poker machines and new table games to round out the suite! Games play faster and players can make higher wagers! Here's a complete list:

  • 12 Slot Machines: one, three and nine line, three and five reel, progressives
  • 15 Video Poker Machines: one, three, ten and fifty hand games
  • Blackjack: higher wager limits
  • Baccarat: higher wager limits
  • Roulette: American and European versions, higher wager limits
  • Craps: All New Game!
  • Sic-Bo: All New Game!
  • PaiGow: All New Game!
  • Keno: increased speed and higher wager limits

G-FED2 Interface and Cashier Menu

The global casino interface now allows players to navigate to anywhere in the software, from within any game. Players can switch between games, access the cashier, change game settings and get help using the interface at the top of the software. The cashier menu is now graphically based, allowing players to use easy-to-identify imagery to make deposits and withdrawals, convert G-FED Points, and update their deposit and account information. These features create a smoother, faster and more enjoyable experience.

G-FED2 Player Transition

Player transition is simple. Players who no longer have the software on their computer will be encouraged to download the new package. Current players will have a pop-up in the current software, encouraging them to upgrade. Both circumstances will retain your Affiliate ID, crediting you with all players who've ever signed up with you.

G-FED2 Partner Materials

We will be providing a package of materials to all affiliates to update their websites. This will include new game preview screens in all languages, updated rules, FAQ, bonus and money page information. It will all be available soon through the G-FED Updates site.

Gambling Federation Affiliate Program Update

Coinciding with the launch of G-FED2, is the release of our revised Affiliate Program, which is more useful, more informative and more rewarding than ever. Here are the highlights:

  • Clean, attractive interface
  • More company and program information for you and your affiliates
  • Simpler, more effective earnings report, with segmented periods
  • New traffic statistics including downloads, active and registered players, and active and registered affiliates with player information
  • Hundreds of new banners, both USD and EURO, in 15 languages, to attract players and affiliates, with cut and paste linking code where we host the banner

You'll also see more new features added in the coming months including mailers, progressive scripts and helpful articles and tools to better market your casino.

Player Promotional Campaign

The entire database of players will be contacted through multiple means to re-activate previous players and encourage active players to upgrade to G-FED2. A series of teaser e-mails began going out at the beginning of February to build excitement. A direct mail scratch-and-win card offering up to $/¤20 free to download and play the new software will go out shortly after the mid-March launch. We encourage all affiliates to create their own marketing plan to promote G-FED2.

We look forward to a very successful launch of G-FED2! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. As we say here, Unity for the Success of us all!

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