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体彩澳洲5官网开奖网站. If indie games are underreported, mobile games must be invisible | Opinion

Big Games Machine's director James Kaye debunks myths surrounding the mobile industry

By James Kaye

Revolutionising the farming genre with mechs: "Big robots don't have to fight Godzilla to be cool"

New studio Frame Break and partner Amplifier discuss farming survival game Lightyear Frontier

By Christopher Dring

New look launches this week

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By GamesIndustry Staff

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Lord of the Rings: Gollum delayed "by a few months"

Daedalic Entertainment action-adventure was previously set for September 1 launch

Takao Yamane joins Platinum Games as chief business officer | Jobs Roundup: July 2022

Update: Big Fish Games names Gary Rosenfield as head of business development, 2K Games hires Tim Andrade as director of esports partnerships and licensing

By GamesIndustry Staff

The heat is on | This Week In Business

This week's heatwave shows that more needs to be done about the climate crisis - and the games industry needs to do its part

By James Batchelor

Third-party NFTs in games are the latest unethical twist from Web3 | Opinion

Mojang joins many other firms in swearing off NFTs -- but more worryingly, it finds itself forced to police third-parties building NFT services on top of Minecraft

By Rob Fahey

Indie studio Tender Claws to unionise

Founders are “thrilled to recognize and work with the union” made up of at least 13 employees

By Danielle Partis

Are forums a thing of the past, or your game's most valuable resource?

Gearbox is the latest in a string of companies to ditch forums in favour of Discord; but does the switch make sense?

By Marie Dealessandri

Diablo Immortal reaches 20m installs

Blizzard's mobile title initially released on June 2

Neopets breach allegedly compromises 69m accounts

The company confirmed it was hacked last week, with users' email addresses and password potentially affected

By Marie Dealessandri

League of Legends: Wild Rift has amassed $500m in global revenue

China accounts for 72% of total player spending following its October 2021 launch

By Jeffrey Rousseau

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澳洲5官方网开彩现场视频. Robert Alan Koeneke, creator of The Dungeons of Moria, has passed away

Developer only released one game, but his work went on to inspire other titles such as Diablo

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Twitch rolls out shared ban tool for streamers

New feature lets creators collaborate to flag or ban troublesome users across multiple communities

By Danielle Partis

British Film Institute opens applications for the UK Global Screen Fund

The initiative aims to support eligible UK entertainment companies, including those creating narrative video games

Chinese market declines for first time in 14 years

Game revenues down 1.8% year-over-year following publisher freeze and ongoing restrictions

By Danielle Partis

Opera and GameMaker launch free mobile web games publishing platform enables developers to bring games to iOS and Android via browsers at no additional cost

By James Batchelor

Jagex buys Pipeworks in first acquisiton and is "looking to do more"

CEO Phil Mansell tells us why the RuneScape studio has invested in establishing a North American presence - and why it won't change what Pipeworks is working on

By James Batchelor

A beginner's guide to making your game accessible

Rebellion's Cari Watterton offered Develop:Brighton attendees advice on getting started with accessibility and user testing

By Marie Dealessandri

澳洲5幸运奖结果记录. ESA revenue dropped $10 million in E3 2020's absence

Trade body's takings fell 25% year-on-year as pandemic impacted the industry

By James Batchelor

Ubisoft sales down 9.8% in Q1 2022

Update: Company posts decreases in earnings, cancels four titles, delays Avatar to 2023

By Danielle Partis

Activision Blizzard staffers protest in support of employee abortion rights

The walk out in response to the Roe vs Wade reversal also calls on the Call of Duty maker to recognize various demands

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Mattel hires Mike DeLaet as its new global head of digital gaming

The long time games industry vet will lead the company's efforts to ramp up its digital gaming product offerings

By Jeffrey Rousseau

FIFA 23 will exclude Russian teams

EA attributes the decision to the invasion of Ukraine, the action follows the company's removal of Russian teams from FIFA 22

By Jeffrey Rousseau

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